Apollo 13 August Brig Bremen 18 July Mercur 24 August Isabella 5 July Figures of the Landing Agent of the United States Immigration Service, published in New York papers, January 11, 1911.). Manage Settings Records of German Emigrants in Their Destination Nations, One option is to look for records about the ancestor in the, Online German Emigration Records, Lists and Indexes, Emigrants to and from Germany from the 18th to the 20th century, Deutsche Auswanderer-Datenbank (German Emigrants Database), Transcribed Ships Manifests Departing from Germany, Register of German military men who remained in Canada after the American Revolution, Le Havre - some passengers found in the crew lists 1750-1775, Hamburg Passenger Lists, Handwritten Indexes, 1855-1934, New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892-1924, Bremen, Germany, Passenger Lists Index, 1907-1939, United States Immigration Online Genealogy Records, UK, Selected Records Relating to Kindertransport (USHMM), Palestine, Illegal Immigration from German-Occupied Europe, 1938-1945 (USHMM), Index of Jewish Displaced Person and Refugee Cards, 1943-1959, Free Access: Africa, Asia and Europe, Passenger Lists of Displaced Persons, 1946-1971, Auswandererkartei mit Familienangehrigen, 1750-1943, Auswandererkartei der Deutschen nach Ungarn und Ruland, 1750-1805 (Emigration index of Germans in, Kartei der Auswanderer nach Ungarn, 1750-1945 (Index of emigrants to, Auswanderungsakten, 1806-1920, Stuttgart (Wrttemberg), Registres des migrs, 1817-1866, (Alsace emigration index), Auswandererkartei von Rulanddeutschen nach China und Nordamerika: 1870-1945, Auswandererkartei der Rulanddeutschen, 1929-1930, Kartei von Deutschen Experten im Ausland, 1935-1945, Auswanderung aus Sdwestdeutschland, (Emigrants of, Ancestor Search, Palatine German Ship Passenger Lists to PA, Swiss and German Mennonite immigrants from the Palatinate, 1704-1717, Palatine Children Apprenticed by Gov. Mauran 11 November Margaretha 1 September Emigration and immigration sources list the names of people leaving (emigrating) or arriving (immigrating) in Germany. Diana 5 August Eliza Thornton 30 October When in 1910 the Hapag and Woermann decided to establish a direct connection between New York and West Africa, they announced the following program:[7] The steamship Carl Woermann will begin in December a new and direct service between this port and the west coast of Africa, under the joint auspices of the Hamburg- American and Woermann lines. Diana 11 November Luntine 23 June Friedrich Jacob 16 June From 1832, Bremen port officials kept meticulous records on their ships' passengers. The considerable traffic from New York to the Levant, transshipped at Hamburg, was threatened by the prospect in 1901 that a direct Russian or Italian line would be established. It contains the following: a list of immigrant vessels that arrived between the years of 1865 and 1896 arrival and departure data passenger list availability (citations included) transcribed passenger lists taken from newspaper accounts and souvenir passenger lists (alternative sources) an index of surnames listed on the passenger lists available from alternative sources. Southern and western Germans tended to emigrate through the ports of Bremen or Le Havre. Sju Brder 22 November Sophie 19 August In the early 1830s, Bremen was doing well in its trade with America, while Hamburg trade was mostly with the West Indies and Latin America. For a comprehensive understanding of emigration and immigration records, study the article Germany Emigration and Immigration. By David Luhrssen. Any description of the development or present status of Hamburg lines must center in the Hamburg-American Line. Autoleon 3 September Elise 8 September Olbers 12 December There was a Meldepflicht (obligation to register) in force since 1833 (mainly for non-Hamburgers), but it was not mandatory until 1892. Until 1850, Bremen was a more popular port than Hamburg. Brarens 18 January Johann Friedrich 19 June Bark Jupiter 7 September The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Stephani 12 July Elise 6 December Germans had to apply for permission to emigrate from most areas. Howard 1 May SS Strassburg 5 October. Louise 13 October Isabella 28 August [4] Report of the Commissioner of Immigration in the 1907 Report of the Department of Commerce and Labor. General Washington 24 November, 1843 Mary Phillips 9 September Paoli 9 August Bremen 4 December Emigrant letters could be examined but any sample of fares that could be obtained would be small and of unclear accuracy. SS Leipzig 24 February Luise 3 January Louisa 25 September Louise 17 June Steamer New York 13 May Stephani 30 December Schutzverwandtschaft (17th century-1811,1837-1864), U.S. and German Passenger Lists and Indexes, "Emigration from the Port of Hamburg, Germany. Ann 1 September Goethe 7 July 1834 Bodo Heyne: Passengers of the FERDINAND and the WALLACE. Ferdinand 15 August Brig Reform 29 November, 1851 Louise 17 June Bark Gutenberg 16 May Diana 21 November A letter given to the traveler made his passage within and outside of German territories easier, depending on the influence the issuer had. The year 1871, when the Empire was formed, saw the Hamburg lines multiply. http://FamilySearch.org : 18 July 2022. Brig Ulysses 14 October Brig Bremen 18 July A P Sharp 12 November Northern and eastern Germans tended to leave through Hamburg. In 1935, Bremen became a regular city at the de facto abolition of statehood of all component German states within the Third Reich. Leontine 28 June The ships will have special provision for wild animals, whose food, supplied by the shippers, will be carried free. Whenever possible FamilySearch makes images and indexes available for all users. The ship logo, which is still used in part, was . Deutschland, Bremen, Namenskartei aus den Bremen Schiffslisten, Use the age to find an approximate birth year to begin your search in church or civil records, Continue to search the records to identify children, siblings, parents, and other relatives who may have moved, been recruited or lived nearby. Isabella 28 August SS Donau 31 March Ellen Brooks 28 October AlexanderFebruary Since 1907 the Hapag has also shared this service. Friederich Jacob 9 December Friedrich Jacob 16 June Astracan 23 December SS Donau 29 April, 1879 Timoleon 22 November Albert 19 August Local newspapers often told of residents in their area moving to other lands. Martha 1 September The Hapags three sailing vessels of 1848 maintained a monthly service with New York, averaging forty-one days on the ocean west-bound, twenty-nine days east-bound. Hamburg became a port of emigration because of its competition with Bremen as a seaport for trade. The rules and regulations of the "Nachweisungsbureau" considerably improved the quality of both the stay at Bremen prior to the sailing plus the seaworthiness of the ships. Ship D.H. Watjen 25 November, 1862 In I854 the German emigration by way of Havre exceeded that from Bremen by twenty thousand; while Bremen was ahead of Hamburg by twenty-five thousand, and Hamburg in turn led Antwerp by a like number.6 The com- Europa 8 November Pauline 9 October Conditions improved for emigrants in 1870 with the commission of new steamships. After a years fighting, the German East African Line, which had suffered heavily during the year, entered the community. Thus all German lines to Africa are united. Remember that there may be more than one person in the records with the same name as an ancestor and that the ancestor may have used nicknames or different names at different times, Keep in mind that there may be more than one person in the records with the same name, Standard spelling of names typically did not exist during the periods our ancestors lived in. Ship Julius & Eduard Passenger List - Bremen to Baltimore 1834 . Hualco 21 August Clarissa Perkins 11 July Henry 15 October Vesper 13 September SS Baltimore 9 August Amelia 4 August Bark Meridian 16 September They could not transfer their privileges to their children. Barque Diana 12 June, 1862 This page was last edited on 5 December 2022, at 21:20. Elise 8 September F H Adami 25 October Goethe 7 July This website requires a paid subscription for full access. Diana 11 November Ship Adler 25 June There were enacted in Bremen severe regulations against ill-housing, underfeeding, swindling or otherwise maltreating emigrants, matters to which Hamborg was too long indifferent. Bark Ella 26 November, 1852 Edwina 30 June Diana 24 November Washington 16 September Ship Johannes 3 November Garonne 21 August Astracan 23 December Albert 12 August Then, in 1874, the authorities (the "Nachweisungsbureau"), citing a lack of space, destroyed all Bremen passenger records except for those of the current year and the two previous years. Washington 29 September Bark Jubilaum 6 May Copernicus 18 December Charlemagne 15 July Article by John Movius with David Dreyer. FamilySearch - Germany, Bremen Passenger Departure Lists, 1904-1914. [8] K. Thiess : Die Hamburg-Amerika Linie, page 34. General Veazie 8 November Brig Luna 14 November, 1834 Brig Telegraph 25 April Cordova 24 November Olbers 13 June See Germany Newspapers for more information. Mauran 11 November Isabella 28 August Brig Neptune 14 October Europe 29 May SS Lahn 22 December. Try variations of your ancestors name while searching the index or browsing through images. SS Leipzig 30 August Clementine 22 June Stephani 12 July Mercur 24 August Caspar 22 September Howard 1 May Diana 11 November We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. 1845 Some of these records are available through the FamilySearch Catalog under Place Search (Hamburg), Naturalization and citizenship (Heimatbcher 1826-1864), Population (Meldeprotokolle fr Fremde 1868-1889) and Immigration (Reisepassprotokolle 1851-1929). This was true not only for German nationals, but also millions of inhabitants in Austria, Hungary, and other Central European nations seeking opportunities or refuge in the New World. Kammonham Roy 18 August Elise 8 September Rebecca 9 September Washington 29 September In Germany, Bremen had a good reputation as a port of departure because its laws forced shipowners to provide a basic minimum of space and food. This attracted even more emigrants to the port of Hamburg. Isabella 28 August Timoleon 22 November Agnes 29 December In Germany, Bremen had a good reputation as a port of departure because its laws forced shipowners to provide a basic minimum of space and food. Howard 22 October Camera 13 December