What kind of loan do they have? Integrated pest management incorporates all of the following methods except What Are the Most Important Aspects of a Capitalist System? a. townships 106- If broker Tim advertises a property for sale that he doesnt intend to sell so that he can attract potential buyers, Tim is practicing: >Example Final Exam for R.E. B. The most common lease in agriculture is a land lease. Which of these statements is true about the wraparound mortgage? An open listing is an exclusive contract. Referral fee to a homeowners insurance agent. How many acres are there in 2 parcels of land described a SW 1/4 and the NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4? C2H5Br(alc)+OH(alc)C2H5OH(I)+Br(alc), is first order each in ethyl bromide and hydroxide ion. The lender in case of the borrowers death, C. The lender against delinquent payments, D. The lender in case of the borrowers default. the radius of the first Bohr orbit and the magnitude of the lowest energy for the hydrogen atom can be written as, a0=cmc2=c2E1=122mc2a_0=\frac{\hbar c}{\alpha m c^2}=\frac{\lambda_c}{2 \pi \alpha} \quad E_1=\frac{1}{2} \alpha^2 m c^2 The US government survey uses all of the following EXCEPT: 4. c. Lot 2 block M, Lincoln wood subdivision, missoula country, MT 59802 Which of the following is Kirk himself not likely to do during the application process? Tell the sellers exactly how she feels and why she thinks the offer is not a good one. C) street lights, sewers, and drainage systems cost. The European state model includes all of the following except: A. a clearly and legally defined territory B. a population governed from a capital city C. a representative government D. a high level of urbanization 2. How many owners are there? Factors of production is an economic term that describes the inputs that are used in the production of goods or services in order to make an economic profit. It amalgamates past approaches to economic theory, such as the concept of labor as a factor of production from socialism, into a single definition. In the 1970s, who developed uniform rules for mortgage underwriting? The federal financial institutions regulatory agencies directly involved in fair lending include all of the following EXCEPT. The value of the property the borrower wants to purchase, D. The neighborhood in which the property is located. 36- Broker Eric secures a loan for buyer Paul. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. Pastures are those lands that are primarily used for the production of adapted, domesticated forage plants for livestock. Availability of multiple listing service, C. Broker-paid advertising and promotion, D. Assistance with filling out disclosures. Practice Questions with no Answers for Preview, >Ch7-9 R.E. Which statement is true? Why is the Schroendinger equation not valid for relativistic particles? The cash rent lease and the crop-share lease are the two most frequently used land leases in agriculture. 8. d. all of the above, Arizona Real Estate "Escrow and Closing B-7", Real Estate Test National Portion B1-B9 Exam, Fundamentals of Engineering Economic Analysis, David Besanko, Mark Shanley, Scott Schaefer. When, is 0.100 M, the rate of disappearance of ethyl bromide is, 1.7107M/s1.7 \times 10 ^ { - 7 } \mathrm { M } / \mathrm { s } Practice Questions with no Answers for Preview, >Ch10-12 R.E. Which is the fullest and most complete type of estate? How much will you have to deliver to closing to cover both the down payment and the loan points? 44- Jim owns a gift shop in a commercial building. Who is responsible for appointing members to the ASB and AQB? C. The same amount will go towards the principal every month. What property type will he be dealing with? Jason Fernando is a professional investor and writer who enjoys tackling and communicating complex business and financial problems. The data produced by third parties and made available by Our World in Data is subject to the license terms from the original third-party authors. How many months inventory does this represent? What is most likely their main motivation for investing? A farm described as the SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 7 and the W 1/2 section 8 is how many acres? Along the same lines, desks and chairs used in an office are also capital. These claims are overblown, but soil erosion is a problem and we can do something about it. Practice Questions with no Answers for Preview, >CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE PRACTICE PRELICENSE CLASS, >CALIFORNIA LEGAL ASPECTS OF REAL ESTATE PRELICENSE CLASS, >ALL Questions with Answers for ALL 3 PreLicense Classes Guides on 1 page, >CALIFORNIA Fair Housing & Fair Housing with Role-Play Activity CE CLASSES Questions with Answers, >CALIFORNIA Fair Housing & Fair Housing with Role-Play Activity CE CLASSES Questions with no Answers for Preview, >CALIFORNIA Fair Housing & Fair Housing with Role-Play Activity CE CLASSES OVERVIEW, >CALIFORNIA Ethics CE CLASS Questions with Answers, >CALIFORNIA Ethics CE CLASS Questions with no Answers for Preview, >CALIFORNIA Ethics in the Age of Disruption CE CLASS Questions with Answers, >CALIFORNIA Ethics in the Age of Disruption CE CLASS Questions with no Answers for Preview, >CALIFORNIA Ethics in the Age of Disruption CE CLASS OVERVIEW, >CALIFORNIA NAR: May The Code Be With You CE CLASS Questions with Answers, >CALIFORNIA NAR: May The Code Be With You CE CLASS Questions with no Answers for Preview, >CALIFORNIA NAR: May The Code Be With You CE CLASS OVERVIEW, >Real Estate Practice Class Questions with no Answers for Preview (ALL R.E. Give the prospects a black copy of a purchase agreement to look over. Certain homeowners may qualify for a $10,000 exemption. What is the purpose of a states statute of frauds? d. recorded plat, us government survey and metes and bounds, d. recorded plat, us government survey and metes and bounds, 18. a. an identification of the grantor and grantee How many acres is that? The second mortgage has now become the primary loan. How much did Sam gain or lose on the sale? There are two main uses of agricultural land: arable farming (which is land dedicated to growing crops), and pastureland (which includes meadows and pastures used for livestock rearing). Which of these factors would result in a violation of USPAP if the appraiser based his or her appraisal fee on it? The continued popularity of the product meant that Zuckerberg also had to scale technology and operations. The borrower makes payments of interest only over the term of the loan. For example, a tractor purchased for farming is capital. B. Ken must obtain his own training. For example, private enterprises and individuals own most of the factors of production in capitalism. A lot measures 178 feet by 464 feet. Make no recommendations and let the sellers decide on their own. The borrower makes payments of interest only over the term of the loan. The four agents of production are land, ________, capital, and _____________. C. Consider child support payments in the decision. They will owe a balloon payment at the end of the loan term. Which law extended discrimination to include handicap and familial status? The four components of the Appraiser Qualification Criteria are: qualifying education, examination, experience, continuing education. Practice Questions with no Answers for Preview, >Ch16-18 R.E. C. Allow indoor pets to leave their designated area. (d) 1.81019m1.8\times10^{-19}\;\mathrm{m}1.81019m In socialist systems, the government (or community) often exerts greater control over the factors of production. 42- Alice is planning her career and setting her goals. Which is a true statement? All other material, including data produced by third parties and made available by Our World in Data, is subject to the license terms from the original third-party authors. If pesticide from a farm runs off into Lake Michigan, which organism in the lake's food chain would test highest for the pesticide? Goodwill is an intangible asset that results from the reputation of the business. The recent trend of U.S. prime farmland has been a loss of 160,000 hectares per year. D. Pam is has no duty to investigate and may rely on the opinion of a heating professional or home inspector. California: Real Estate Practice Sample of Final Course Exam, Answers will be revealed with the correct subscription. c. recorded plat a. a grant 103- Kirk and Sandy obtained a wraparound mortgage. has an increased likelihood of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. A Montana ranch is made up of Section 9, 10, 11 and North Half of Section 16. Why? A. Generates leads for new listings. Property Owner A has the right to develop his property into 10 lots. 78- Nancy bought her home last year for $425,000. b. littoral USPAP includes performance standards for the appraisal of, real property, personal property, and business/intangible property, What is the mode of the following set of gross rent multipliers? 59- Which of the following is a sellers request that an agent cannot honor? Economic Order Quantity: What Does It Mean and Who Is It Important For? \end{matrix} 98- Grant moves into his new office space while he awaits the completion of the negotiations of the lease terms. The original loan becomes subordinate to the wraparound. The metes and bounds form of land description uses: 2. a township contains how many square miles? How long does he have to file a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development? c. accretion In appraisal, the concept that a higher-priced property will be worth less in a lower-priced neighborhood than it would in a neighborhood of comparable properties is the definition of the principle of. Two months later she purchased and moved into a new home that cost $145,000. A. I will complete the GRI certification in the next four years. crop rotation C. The seller did not disclose the problem on a sellers disclosure form so Pam is off the hook. d. it is used to describe lots in a subdivision, b. the description is imperfect if it does not end at the point of beginning, 24. 1.7107M/s. c. us government survey, PO box, and metes and bounds 42- Alice is planning her career and setting her goals. Calculate the de Broglie wavelength associated with a helium-4 atom (4.00 amu) moving at 3.0106m/s3.0\times10^6\;\mathrm{m/s}3.0106m/s. C. Mike has been late with his rent payments seven times in the past year, D. He had a serious physical altercation with his downstairs neighbor. Rangelands include natural grassland, savannas, many wetlands, some deserts, tundra, and certain forb and shrub communities. When appraising an income producing property, you have the following GRMs indicated from comparable sales (122, 159, 132, 126, 122, 173, 152, 126). If there is a discrepancy between an original survey and a new survey or between a survey and the legal description which party must pay the cost of the survey and the cost to remedy the discrepancy? What kind of listing agreement does Alice have with Jack? The Buckle, Incorporated, included the following in its statement of cash flows presented using the indirect method. b. dedication Which of the following is not one of those groups? Increasing agricultural productivity across Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most important problems this century, Area of land needed to meet global vegetable oil demand, Area of land needed to produce one tonne of vegetable oil, Cereal yields vs. tractor inputs in agriculture, Change in calorie production as a result of climate change impacts on crop yields, Change in cereal production, yield and land use. C. Analyzing the income potential of the property. How many acres is that? B. 47- Which of the following duties is not a permitted activity for an unlicensed personal assistant? 6- According to California real estate law, how often must a broker balance his or her trust accounts? d. an easement, a. the water rights reserved by a previous owner, 14. In conclusion, The term "permanent cropland" includes wooded plantations used to harvest fruit but excludes tree farms and true forests utilized for wood or lumber. If Broker Tom procures a buyer for Jack, Tom will get the commission and Alice will not. For example, the construction worker at a hotel site is part of labor, as is the waiter who serves guests or the receptionist who enrolls them into the hotel. D. Avoid negative comments while hes inside the home. "About Us.". a. a radon level test 51- Which statement is true about a homeowners exemption? Business Accounting 1. 84- Four years ago, Sam purchased a vacant lot for $10,000. ", Association for Advancing Automation. C. Have keys made for company listings. A. There are four factors of productionland, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. If you apply for the loan, how much can your maximum monthly payment be? You can get a loan for 90% of value. The website with the largest amount of demographics information is, What is the median of the following set of gross rent multipliers? C. They can make payments directly to the original lender. A personal vehicle used to transport family is not considered a capital good, but a commercial vehicle used expressly for official purposes is. C. Payments will not be enough to retire the loan. Prices have been increasing at the rate of 8% per year. B. The voluntary giving of land for public use by an owner is: 20.6 The U.S. land area covers nearly 2.3 billion acres. 2. The adjusted cost basis of the first home was $140,000. 65- Which of the following items is usually not prorated at closing? Which form of legal land description uses measures of definite distances in indicated directions? 81- Jake has decided to specialize in working with clients who purchase schools. For people and planet, its one of our most important problems to work on. U.S. land area covers nearly 2.3 billion acres. a) construct an influence diagram that relates these variables A. c. meridian D. Farms. 435,600 square feet d. metes and bounds, 17. Other grazing lands include woodlands, native pastures, and croplands producing forages. Real Estate includes all of the following except: Property rights. 61- Bill and Sue secured a mortgage loan that is tied to an index which fluctuates over the life of the loan. C. Jim and Amanda whisper and frown when they see the basement. 15- Karen and Al obtained a 30-year fixed-rate, fully amortized loan when they purchased their home. D. Allows viewing access to strangers. While land is an essential component of most ventures, its importance can diminish or increase based on industry. Which form of legal land description describes a parcel by enclosing it? 91- This paragraph of the purchase agreements informs the seller of the buyers right to inspect the property and can cancel or request maintenance based on findings. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. Please remove your shoes before entering the home. 34- Sarah is an employee and Ken is an independent contractor at Kerns Realty. (95, 93, 120, 94, 93, 129), A right or interest in property is a(n). Land: Includes undeveloped property, vacant land, and agricultural lands such as farms, orchards, ranches, and timberland. c. front footage \text{t} & \text{4} & \text{6} & \text{8} & \text{10} & \text{12} & \text{14} & \text{16}\\ 30.4 23- Jonestown Community Bank refuses to lend money to potential homeowners trying to purchase property in the predominantly Asian neighborhood on the west end of town. f(z)=z3z2+2z+2f(z)=\frac{z-3}{z^{2}+2 z+2}f(z)=z2+2z+2z3. Special purpose: Property used by the public, such as cemeteries,. c. lot, block, and subdivision d. lots and blocks, 16. Whoever brings the buyer will get the commission. 27- Mr. and Mrs. Haley are purchasing beachfront property in an upscale development. Her expertise is in personal finance and investing, and real estate. D. The UCC is a body of law that standardizes a number of business practices. 77- Which of the following Internet pages might not be of particular interest to buyers? Which winds steer hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean toward Florida? B. Jim Sharp is purchasing his fathers home. D. Write advertisements and promotional materials with the approval of the licensee and supervising broker. Their first mortgage will get paid off immediately. Land resources are the raw materials in the production process. In capitalism, the factors of production are most often controlled by business owners and investors. C. The loan term will extend gradually over time. a. 6. Housing and Community Development Act. He hired two people, an engineer (Dustin Moskovitz) and a spokesperson (Chris Hughes), who both allocated hours to the project, meaning that their invested time became a factor of production. The simplot house, Brentwood Subdivision, Sun Rose township, Great Falls MT 59405 The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of U.S. farms and ranches and the people who operate them. Question: Knowledge Check 01 Merchandise Inventory includes all of the following except O Goods held for sale Goods located in the warehouse O Goods sold Goods located in an off-site warehouse Show transcribed image text Expert Answer 100% (30 ratings) Answer : Option - C, Goods sold Explanation : Merchandis View the full answer Which of the following would NOT be considered a negative easement? c. 8.4 He just sold it for $13,000. D. Offer something valuable to the reader. Similarly, the use of kiosks in self-serve restaurants can help firms cut back on their labor costs. How Do Factor Endowments Impact a Country's Comparative Advantage? The right held by the lessee to use and occupy real estate for a stated term and under the conditions specified in the lease is the definition of. 66- When doing a listing presentation which of the following items would you not describe to the owners as being a benefit of listing with an agent? - bioaccumulation of pesticides in animal tissue can lead to extinction of species Even small plots of land - whether rural or urban - growing fruit, vegetables or some food animals count if $1,000 or more of such products were raised and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the Census year. After the crisis, China experienced a multi-year growth cycle, and its manufacturers invested in robots to improve productivity at their facilities and meet growing market demands. Image by Sabrina Jiang Investopedia2020, Absorption Costing Explained, With Pros and Cons and Example, What Is an Amortization Schedule? Which of the following statements is true? The factors of production are land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. B. Even an artist involved in making art, whether it is a painting or a symphony, is considered labor. After Facebook, the social media site, became popular and spread across campuses, it realized it needed to recruit additional employees. D. Their loan payments will gradually increase. C. Recommend a counteroffer back to list price. B) assumption of any liens or mortgages on the property. Which of the following best describes a plat? Greenpeace includes all related activities. A. Which of the following methods of legal land description would most likely be used to describe agricultural lands? D. Amanda smiles at Jim when she sees the whirlpool tub. A basis of $145,000 and a taxable gain of $3,000, C. A basis of $130,000 and a table gain of $18,000. Which entity is responsible for monitoring state appraiser licensing and certification agencies? To that end, technologylike moneyis a facilitator of the factors of production. During the time Sam owned the property he paid $350 per year in taxes, $150 per year on maintenance like grass cutting and $90 per year on miscellaneous expenses. Sustainable agriculture encourages the use of antibiotics to prevent disease. A. Ken is responsible for his own taxes, while the broker pays Sarahs. 30- Being prepared to handle incoming phone calls means all of the following except which? B. I will do two practice listing presentations per week with an experienced agent for the next two months. Land refers to physical land, such as the acres used for a farm or the city block on which a building is constructed. The main cause of undernutrition and food insecurity globally is lack of available food. It would be misleading if the appraiser did not disclose the existence of this structure in the report. Costs directly related to the . this analysis can only be applied if there are no existing improvements. What is the area of the ranch? c. 25 acres C. It creates an agency relationship. 10- Which of the following prospecting techniques do you have to use carefully because it has tended to upset people in recent years? The World Bank divides the world into four groups. He paid $100,000 for it, and made $300,000 worth of improvements. b. It must be in writing to be enforceable. The broker will not provide any. C. Once filed, it remains until terminated. The principle of supply and demand states that the price of a commodity, good, or service varies __________, but not necessarily _____________, with demand. 88- Sally and Dan must pay 2 points on their new $65,000 loan. An example of entrepreneurship is the evolution of the social media behemoth Meta (META), formerly Facebook. Required Information and Example, Retained Earnings in Accounting and What They Can Tell You, Revenue Recognition: What It Means in Accounting and the 5 Steps. 14- Value includes which of the following aspects? Ownership of the factors of production also differs based on the economic system. He sold the building for $1,000,000 and paid $60,000 in commission to the broker. 2240 acres Our articles and data visualizations rely on work from many different people and organizations. Give a discount to families with children. Our World in Data is free and accessible for everyone. Help us do this work by making a donation. Land, labor, and capital as factors of production were originally identified by early political economists such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Karl Marx. What is the median sale price? 73- Which of these is not a buying signal? c. 400 ft b. an environmental impact statement a. As the demands of a business change over time, the relative importance of the factors of production will also change accordingly. 87- What information can you gather from the newspaper to help develop a Prospecting Plan? 92- Which of the following situations is not exempt from the seller disclosure requirement? c. an easement -pesticides show mobility, moving other than where they were applied inadvertently killing non-pest organisms. Who has the dominant tenement in this situation? "Sustaining Chinas Economic Growth After the Global Financial Crisis," Pages 1-2. International Federation of Robotics. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. a. plottage The majority of GM crops in the United States are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture. Depending on the context, some factors of production might be more important than others. 21- Which form of advertising is considered the most cost-effective method for selling a home? The table shows values of this function recorded every two hours. Practice Questions with no Answers for Preview, >ALL Real Estate Practice Class Questions with Answers & most with Explanations. For income tax purposes, the IRS would probably classify Patrick as: 32- Broker Alice has a listing agreement with Jack. Factors of production is an economic term that describes the inputs used in the productionof goods or services to make an economic profit. Electronic Data Interchange for transmitting appraisal reports became popular in the (date). He raised venture capital money to rent office space, hire more employees, and purchase additional server space for development. Find and create gamified quizzes, lessons, presentations, and flashcards for students, employees, and everyone else. B. d. appreciation, 40. D. Brenda has not violated any fiduciary duty. -All of the above Claims that the world has only 100, 60, or even 30 years of harvests left often hit the headlines. B. Which countries are overapplying nitrogen without gains in crop yields? However, money is not a factor of production because it is not directly involved in producing a good or service. 22- Jane sold her personal home for $148,000. -pesticides alter the genetic resistance in populations causing the pests to persist. Land has a broad definition as a factor of production and can take on various forms, from agricultural land to commercial real estate to the resources available from a particular piece of land. where c=h/mc\lambda_c=h / m cc=h/mc is the Compton wavelength of the electron and =ke2/c\alpha=k e^2 / \hbar c=ke2/c is the finestructure constant. D. All adjustable rate mortgages have negative amortization. c. identifying new food sources d. increasing food imports e. all of the above e. all of the following are aspects of commerical agriculture except: a. a heavy reliance on machinery For people and planet, it's one of . Generally, Light, warm, dry, sandy soil that is acidic and deficient in nutrients is what you may expect to find in a typical climate. indirectly, proportionatelydirectly, proportionatelyinversely, directlydirectly, inversely, A business arrangement in which two or more persons jointly own a business and share in its profits and losses is the definition of, limited partnershippartnershipgeneral partnershiptrust. Because of their low clay content, sandy soils are often referred to as "light soils.". It can be considered an employment contract. This practice is: 24- When talking to his investment clients, Broker Adam often to tax shelters. For example, a software company that relies primarily on the labor of skilled software engineers might see labor as its most valuable factor of production. A. Which of the following would be PRIVATE restrictions on property rights? Jim and Jane financed the remaining $25,000 through the seller. b. accretion All of the following statements about the US government survey system are true except: They are commonly broken down into four elements: land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. When comparing printers, make sure to compare the cost per. d. 1/2 mile, 22. 100- What does the Real Estate Disclosure Law refer to? The rate at which vacant space in a property or a group of properties for sale or lease has been or is expected to be successfully sold or leased over a specified period of time is the definition of a(n) __________ rate. ROI is equal to turnover multiplied by earning as a percent of sales. Practice Questions with no Answers 33- Which statement is true about a loan that has a negative amortization? The greater a firm's or country's TFP, the greater its growth. (a) 2.01020m2.0\times10^{-20}\;\mathrm{m}2.01020m c. eminent domain A. Greg Burns is selling his interest in his home to his wife Melanie as part of their divorce settlement. Studying population trends in the area. 3400 acres Insurance will cost $6.00 per thousand per year. The lender will allow you to spend up to 28% of your annual income for housing costs, including your mortgage, property taxes, and insurance. b. meridians 33- Which statement is true about a loan that has a negative amortization? "IFR Presents World Robotics Report 2020. 85- Which paragraph of the purchase agreement states that the balance of the purchase price will be deposited into escrow prior to closing? C. Find a lender who is willing to do FHA loans. How much cropland has the world spared due to increases in crop yields? 1. a. erosion A. A type of subsistence agriculture in which short periods of cultivation are followed by longer periods of fallow land is called, The recent trend of U.S. prime farmland has been, Challenges facing U.S. agriculture include all of the following except, increase in number of domesticated animal varieties, One of the problems associated with the "green revolution" is that, it makes developing countries dependent on high-energy consuming imported technologies. Economists consider TFPto be the main factor driving economic growth for a country. Capital also follows a similar model in that it can be owned or leased from another party. C. Tangible assets transferred in the sale include inventory, fixtures and equipment. A surveyor's chain is: At the end of the term, the loan balance will be negative. Which of the following types of investments has historically generated the highest return on investment? A facade easement is a type of_______________ easement. Which of the following is an example of a genetically modified crop? Generally, Light, warm, dry, sandy soil that is acidic and deficient in nutrients is what you may expect to find in a typical climate.