It also includes parts of Jackson and . Sections of this page. (C) The Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Board of Directors will review the State Directors financial report annually, and a financial statement will be submitted at each State Conference. Greer Baseball Club (GBC) offers 6 different Dixie Youth leagues for your child to play and sanctions tournament play. 3rd place teams to get to the 24-team level. ARTICLE V - The District Directors: The duties of the District Directors will be those duties as outlined in the Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc., By-Laws. Physical Address: Brightleaf Court - Office Park . The first and third base umpires should go directly to the respective first and third dugouts, introduce themselves, and state that their purpose is to check equipment. 21YS - Dixie Youth Square Logo Flag 4' x 4' Regular price $60 00 $60.00. Youth League. APPENDIX A-UMPIRING Umpiring is perhaps the most important ingredient in an outstanding tournament. All members of the Board of Directors shall be entitled to one vote on all matters (two votes per district maximum.) The Host shall provide for adequate concession facilities, workers, and a good menu of food and drinks at reasonable prices to suit the needs of the expected fans, workers, players, and officials, and these facilities shall remain in operation from thirty (30) minutes before to thirty (30) minutes following play each day. The Host League should prepare Welcome Packets to be given to each player as the team arrives, packet should include discount coupons to local attractions and restaurants and a local map. Player introductions before the start of every game. A National Director will serve as Tournament Director or the State Director can appoint another active member of the Alabama State Board to serve as Tournament Director. The program will include welcome letters, one-half page for a picture of each team competing in the tournament with the other half of that page having congratulation remarks from the District Director, several informational sheets furnished by the State Director, Tournament Bracket, advertisements sold by the Host, and other material of interest to players, parents, and fans. The schedule and content of the Opening ceremony must be approved by the Tournament Director. The State Director, at the direction of the SBUC, shall recommend for appointment a qualified State Umpire in Chief (UIC) to assist the Administrator of the Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Umpire Training Program (UTP). The Host shall provide ample parking space near the park for the anticipated attendees at no additional charge to include VIP parking for the tournament workers, team managers, umpires, Dixie Youth Officials, and special guests. Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Tournament Director / Umpire Coordinator / Umpires The State Director will appoint the Tournament Director(s) for the A State Tournament(s). These areas must be located out of the field of play. Managers Meeting A mandatory Managers and Credentials Meeting will be held the morning of the first day of the tournament. The District Director must also submit this annual financial report for approval of the leagues at the initial yearly district meeting. The Host shall provide a professionally prepared tournament Bracket Board with the Official Dixie Youth Logo displayed thereon at each tournament at locations convenient to the spectators. Rookie AA - Each district may send up to two (2) teams 8 and under in addition to two host teams. A backup P.A. A minimum of two (2) umpires will be used in all divisions of each state tournament. L ^ v F v v $" - j G V6 = $" $" $" 2G $" $" $" ^ D D D D v $" $" $" $" $" $" $" $" $" | X : ALABAMA DIXIE YOUTH BASEBALL CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS (FEBRUARY 2022) CONSTITUTION ARTICLE I - Name: This organization shall be known as Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball. Franchised Leagues within the respective districts that are in good standing on the date of the meeting will be entitled to vote. The leagues consist of: T-ball: 5 to 6 years of age AAA (coach pitch): 7 to 8 years of age AA: 9 to 10 years of age Ozone: 11 to 12 years of age Please contact (334) 615-3700 for more information. AUM Dixie Softball Montgomery, Alabama 36117 Phone : 334-300-0760 Email: [email . Phil Campbell takes on Haleyville in the Dixie Youth District 11 10U baseball tournament held recently. This function and the level of participation are the choices of the Host; however, any group invited by the Host to participate in such hospitality shall include their significant other, children, and grandchildren. The dugout openings may have gates. Any excess funds accumulated by the UTP will be used to reduce future costs associated with administering the UTP. The Host will charge a per-day gate fee of $10.00 per person ages 13 and above; the $10.00 gate fee includes the $1 donation from each paying adult on the first two (2) days for the Scholarship Fund. Note: A & AA divisions four (4) coaches. The Host(s) shall provide a satisfactory P.A. If an Assistant State Director has not been appointed, then the Senior National Director will fill the position until a special election is held. Umpires must also have completed the online CDC Concussion Awareness Training during the current year. 32B - Dixie Boys & Majors Pins. Regular price $2 00 $2.00. Such meetings shall be called by the incumbent director and each league entitled to vote shall be notified of the election meeting at least ten (10) days before the scheduled day of the meeting. Dixie Youth will supply a State Statistician to handle specific duties in the press boxes for each State Tournament. The Manager from each team participating in the tournament is required to attend this meeting. The Host League shall pay forty dollars ($40.00) per game per umpire for a total of two (2) umpires for each game minimum. All managers and coaches must present proof of completing the online CDC Concussion Awareness Training. DIXIE YOUTH NEVER CHARGES A TOURNAMENT FEE TO PLAY IN OUR TOURNAMENTS; Welcome Subscribe to our Newsletter. Misconduct of any kind believed to be detrimental to the good name of Dixie Youth Baseball in Alabama will not be tolerated. At a minimum, this information packet will include - a) Welcome letter from the host including contact information b) Vicinity map for the playing field(s) c) Tournament brackets d) Local hotel information; note - We will not use the room blocking process for this tournament. h1C CJ h h1C 56OJ QJ h hVG 56OJ QJ h? 56OJ QJ h6() 56OJ QJ h4> 56OJ QJ h hKEG 56OJ QJ hK h1C 6OJ QJ ^J hK h1C 5CJ OJ QJ ^J hK h1C CJ( OJ QJ ^J 4 5 E R d ~ k $ dh ]a$gdp " $ ARTICLE III Deputy State Director(s): (A) The State Director shall assign the duties of the Deputy State Director(s). The Host League shall arrange for the immediate retrieval of all Home Run balls and No Hit game balls and return the same to the Dixie Youth Statisticians. A National Board Member or an alternate official shall be appointed by the State Director to conduct the election. &. When it is determined by a majority of those members present and voting that the State Director, (Assistant State Director, Deputy State Director(s) or Secretary if appointed), or a member of the State DYB Board of Alabama has been guilty of misconduct of any kind believed to be detrimental or embarrassing to Dixie Youth Baseball of Alabama, the guilty person(s) will be dismissed from this organization. The bidding league(s) must then submit a formal sealed bid to the State Director at the respective previous year's State Tournament during that Divisions Credentials Meetings. Any "off-year" appointments/elections will be for the un-expired portion of the three (3) year term only. Church Leagues. If there are multiple bids for the tournament the State Board of Directors will award the Rookie State Tournaments by majority vote at the Fall State Board of Directors Meeting. Any broadcast of the games via the internet, radio, or television must have the written consent of Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball. City of Enterprise PO Box 311000 Enterprise, AL 36330 Phone . USSSA Youth Baseball Registration . No loafers or other slip-on (non-lace) type shoes. ARTICLE X Tournaments: Sunday tournament games Any tournament game(s) played on a Sunday that is part of a tournament sanctioned by DYB or operated under the direction of a DYB official will not begin before noon without the written approval of the state director. 4) A and AA Tournament teams will have 12 players, AAA and Ozone teams will have 11 players Note: A player may play above their league age but under no circumstances can a player play below their league age. State tournament dates and locations for 2023 are being determined. (C) State Tournament play will be offered in all divisions of Rookie Tournament play. Bylaws. system shall be available. Lets discuss looking professional: Pants approved color, of proper fit, clean, and well pressed. The Host must furnish plastic trophy ball containers for these special baseballs. DISTRICT 5 DIRECTOR - JOEL FALKOWSKI, P. O. Pay Bills. Members of the SBUC are the three (3) Alabama National Directors [Vann Saltz (Chairperson), Jack Fillingham, and Charlie Bell]. There will be an invocation and a national anthem performed. The medallions and trophies shall display the Dixie Youth Logo and meet the quantity and size specifications as per the SPECIFICATION(s) that follow in Appendix B, C, D, and E for the AA, AAA, Majors, and O-Zone State Tournaments. Opening Ceremonies Opening Ceremonies for the Rookie State Tournaments will be conducted on the playing fields approximately 1 hour before the start of play on the first day of the tournament. Flags Display of Flags - The Host shall display the American Flags at the tournament sites. The system shall be clear and audible to all participants and fans. 218 Lakewood Dr Alabama 36330 Email: The Paris Optimist Club Baseball is preparing for next month's Dixie Youth North Regional Tournaments for ages 10U and 12U, which will take place at the Charles Taylor Youth Complex.