ScroogeMC - Redeem this code and get X10 Coins, X2 Gems, X1 Troop; Art of War Legions codes are time-limited; these gift codes expire after a few days, so you should redeem them as soon as possible and claim the rewards to progress further the game. Heart: health While the game is pretty easy to dive into, there are a lot of pitfalls and mistakes for new players . Chapter 8 Level 2200 * Exciting Battles The battle is more like a real dance of war. In general, regardless of the length, watching ads will still be a win for you. If you didnt know, there are Art of War Legions redeem codes, so look them up if you want to get free items. The Catapult is a siege weapon but a lot less viable compared to the Ballista. From the Arena, based on the rankings, you can earn keys, chests, gold coins, and hero boxes. In Art of War Legions, there are lots of heroes who have active skills that you can unleash during the battle by tapping their portrait -> also, they possess passive skills. Use of the trademarks and other intellectual property of Supercell is subject to Supercells Fan Kit Agreement. It took 3 full weeks to get past level 3826, I think and I have been stuck for 2 weeks now at level 4548. i cleared 8k level without pay the game in 2 months. This tactic, however, will eventually fade as infantry can be easily erased by AoE attacks when you get to level 400 and above.2.2 Two-fronted ThreatCommonly, the straightforward goal in a war is to vehemently charge forward in a bid to steamroll the enemys frontline, however, in Art of War: Legions, that is not the only method for victory. Not the craziest of all heroes but useful for sure. Can perform well in almost all troop formations. Try them out, you will not be disappointed in the right formation. From planning your battles to meeting your unit recruitment and promotion needs to spending your resources, it is all up to you. Iron Guards are another basic unit, much like the infantry, just stronger, they can be used as a tank in the front lines early in the game and will do a lot of damage and take a lot too. Also, it has an Idle system so you earn in-game currency while not playing the game. Apart from the bounty youd get from killing enemy troops, Headhunt levels gives you a certain amount of coins of top of that. ,youll must wait untill you get 30+ troops with your left one and attack the castle with 20 above your left castle, upgrade that one now to 4 and your old lvl 3 to max, then wait untill you have charged all of the castles to 20+ troops and attack the middle 30 one with everything you have, then keep sending troops from your 3 castles to the middle one and keep upgrading the middle one, youll notice the enemy will try and take the middle from you and thats why you keep sending troops ,you cant stop sending them, when you get the middle castle to at least lvl 4, attack the middle castle of the 3 castles in the upper row, just so you can hold the enemy back in growing there numbers, its oke if you lose this one after again cause the enemy has to level it to max again, in that time you atack the right castles ,when you get those to at least lvl 3 , you attack with all your castles the middle one in the upper row , when you get that you go straight to attacking the last remaining enemy castle. In the Recruit Camp, the chances for drawing a rare card is also higher at 70%. You can also place them at the back, and they will join in the action a little later, perhaps when most troops are already engaged in battle. You should be able to claim one about every 6 hours. This wasnt an issue until I got to the higher levels. Games with no energy caps often have short-lived success because players usually outgrow them easily. I miss some troops in your best troops tier list, maybe this troops are new My app Version is german so i am not sure about the names in english. Selene buffs up your army at the start and causes a lot of damage and her active skill binds enemy units to the ground for a few seconds. It's more overall damage and health. These melee fighters are incredibly fast and work best when positioned in the front rows engaging the enemy first and taking the hero skill attacks instead of other troops. A funny game with huge amount of spectacular battles. Additionally, also watch out and try to avoid auto-batting through levels with bonus coins because the next one may come just after 20-40 levels (yes, their spacing are random too).Clear the QuestsAs you need every single resource to expand and upgrade your army, you wouldnt want to pass up on what the quest rewards offer. Know that its totally okay to not get things right at your first try. Fastone Games concocted quite a combination for Art of War: Legions giving it two general modes to keep players challenged and entertained, the battle modes and Expedition. do i need to be a certain level to get to chapter 2? Frost Archers are a really nice troop in Art of War Legions. Early on, since you have a limited supply of units, your best formation is to put your Infantry in front and Archers in the back. I am a free to play player. You can claim this offer three times a day save the coins, buy the troops merge them, and expand the army. Arthur is slowly declining his rank and I see him in B Tier now (although on top of the B Tier). Legions you will only have a very limited number of troop types probably; Legions.these can include mistakes m. arrow_forward. Just don't use them or invest in them. If your ambushers are yet few or under-leveled, only use the most leveled up squad or wait until you have recruited plenty to organize your own backline breaking party. Make sure your Army is fairly strong. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Class: RareIdeal placement: Frontline or backline (to protect your rear)Strong points: durability, AoE attack, and can prolong the battleOgre Warriors are big, bulky beings that are easy to notice in the battlefield. The available boss changes periodically and the aim here is to deal as much damage as possible before your troops gets wiped out. Check the power rating and more importantly, the trophy count. So, today we're going to check out tier lists, see what they. All the tips, tricks, and strategies we shared here are the tenets we lean on to become a successful commander. We fret a bit, but took hope with the sign if were fighting a strong army, how come he only has 1053 trophies? Here are pointers and tips that will help you wrap your mind around the dynamics of combat in Art of War: Legions.2.1 Early game. That is just super inconvenient for enemy troops to deal with and viable in so many situations. On my battlefield, five of my troops have circles lit up and spinning below them. Chapter 4 is coming soom and has not been made yet, i completed the first chapter in expedition, but i am unable to unlock the second chapter.. help me. As this tier list is tailored towards end-game, he doesn't play much of a role but for early game to mid game players a hero you want to have on your list. Of course, less effective, but that's the only real use I see for him in the current meta. Turning it on, depending on how many charges it has, will let you take on level battles even when you go AFK. Note that the Mystic Shop has a certain power rating requirement, so you need to meet that first to take advantage of the awesome free loot daily.With every single farming tip available all shared now, were hoping that you can efficiently gather the funds to raise a dominant army. arra, amibl 30 katont kapsz Chapter 13 Level 4200 From the hero boxes, you can get a hero. Im at level 2700 and the 6th chapter hasnt unlock as yetwhy is that? Supercell is not responsible for the operation or content of this site/application. Her healing and team buffs make her really versatile and fit basically everywhere. Check Out Best mobile games. You can always use Tier S troops if you dont care about these factors. They can be pretty useful too; some of them have healing skills (Tree of Life hero), while some of them have damage or CC skills. Tap the battle button -> in the bottom-right corner, you can use the gold coins to get a random troop. Watching ads, wherever one is offered is purely optional. Bombers are another unit that will not survive long if placed in the wrong locations, so look for a safe spot for them in the middle rows and keep some troops around them to take some fire, they have a really strong attack and deal a massive amount of AoE damage - if you can keep them alive! There are 2 troops that say Locked are the locked bc they havent come out yet? While they don't have a great health score, they do have a good attack so will be useful in your second attack row or at the back of your formation. This is great crowd control ability and stops troops from attacking and binds them. An incredibly strong unit, that is great in the front center of your formation his massive health and defense as well as strong attack is sure to help you crush the enemy. Kraken not only has some nice-looking skills, he also packs quite a punch in the current meta and is, especially on offense, a hero that works really well right now. I have completed expedition chapter 1, but is not allowing me to acces chapter 2 yet. Currently there are 3. These ranged troops are another unit that should be placed in the middle of your formation, they deal good ranged damage, but need some protection from surrounding troops to stay alive. Robin Hood sounds great on paper but other heroes simply deal so much more damage that he belongs in the F Tier in Art of War Legions, especially as his buffs aren't that great after all. Yes, there are multiple reasons! Dante increases your movement speed but even less than Kalvins but that doesn't make much of an impact, tbh. However, in line with the apparent chances we have observed in our playing experience, we usually go for the 60,000 coins per draw. Thats goddamn wrong !!! Templar Knight are not as great as the Rhinos and also harder to level, for that reason I ranked them lower. What do the troops and heros race effect? They are the best part of this game, but just only three chapters??? whats the matter is right formation with right hero. Example---Ainz 70 beyond the 15, Diana 33 over the 15. When you first start playing Art of War: Legions you will only have a very limited number of troop types probably; Infantry, Archers, Iron Guard. At the moment, there are no Art of War Legions cheats available. SHIFT+Click on a troop or hero to remove it from the formation. Iron Guards are, like the other common troops here, none you want to give too much attention to. There are three major lines in the battle formation, including the front line, the middle row, and the back row. I put it on auto (tabs to the right of the counter). After defeat, you fight same level again. Legendary heroes are the best/top-tier heroes in the game thanks to their legendary skill. They are another unit that are probably best suited towards the back, but equally can do well towards the front utilizing their ranged attack and then taking the enemy head on with a melee attack. If you enjoy this type of content, you will undoubtedly enjoy the Thetan Arena tier list, Idle Mafia tier list and Dark Nemesis tier list. However, the constants do remain as okay, constant. I have done my best Google-fu to find something but I can't find anything that is just a simple layout that makes it easy to compare troops stats. As a common troop, Infantry is not that useful except when you're really early in the game and don't have any other options. The Witchcraft Totem has massive health and is also quite well to obtain considering it's a legendary troop (compared to some other legendary troops) and have the very useful ability to scare the enemy troops away and only one in your army can change a lot of the dynamics of a battle. In such case, you are obligated to deploy your hero at the back, so it can take on any ambushers. Also, we have shared a bunch of Art of War: Legions tips, cheats & strategies that may help you. Hit that auto-battle button. A good place for the Necromancer unit is in the middle of a formation where he can be well protected from all sides.