Portland, Oregon 97214 US, Tel. Fax 407-857-8874 ) or https:// means youve safely connected to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/UNITE-HERE-Local-49/132232743518155, C. Robert McDevitt, President Syracuse, New York 13204 US, Tel. Fax 617-426-1653 831-375-2246 Forgot Your 5585 Pershing Ave, Ste 220A 3.3 Union Delegates. xref 0 Food and Nutrition Service . Fax 313-259-8481 Each bargaining unit has a CBA that sets forth bargained employees wages, hours, sick time and other employment conditions. Sacramento, California 95815 US, Tel. http://www.uniteherelocal40.org, Tel. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniteHereLocal23 Authored by Robert Fenlon of Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon & Vogt and updated in 1997, this document explores the evolution of the Standard Form of Union Agreement (SFUA) from its origination in 1946 and provides explanation and commentary of the contents of the 1991 SFUA. Email: [emailprotected], Terry Greenwald, Secretary-Treasurer Volunteering through SMACNA enables you to contribute to industry and organizational issues, exercise leadership and communication skills, network with industry thought leaders, and help develop programming. Fax 408-321-9029 Fax 213-481-0352 0000024475 00000 n San Francisco, California 94102 US Twitter: @Culinary226, Serge Savard, Financial Secretary Treasurer/ Business Manager c. implementation of seniority systems is required by federal law. Email: [emailprotected] 8015 0 obj <> endobj Z $mz3j'VE+HS6 GT Jh[};]2%R L `'`G%(/ see seq.) Email: [emailprotected], Rosslyn Wuchinich, President 312 Central Avenue, Suite 444 Search collective agreements and their associated generations via the self-serve, online portal. Email: [emailprotected] ^g u=0A\#T*"G@-^pX#(a! Local Union/local fund office for local fringes or National Benefit Fund email: info@smwnpf.org phone: 8002314622 It . http://www.unitehere11.org, Tel. Orlando, Florida 32809 US 0000014864 00000 n TABLE OF CONTENTS. Joining the IBEW is a choice that will help you fulfill your needs in the workplace. Employees' collective bargaining rights are governed by the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act (115 ILCS 5/1 et . Available to SMACNA members is an explanation of changes negotiated in 2011 as well as annotated version of the agreement. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/local24unitehere Email: [emailprotected] *{$~tTL?KDL)k'N_0XyuvCzE jlzEK)1]YQKPOGK8X3,6{,XU5yQ[V5.u^J9}9w. Social Media SMART Local 105 Social Media Check out Local 105 Instagram and Facebook to see Events and Job sites in SMART Local 105 jurisdiction Social Media SMART LOCAL 105 APP Please note that all CBAs must be submitted in a Portable Document Format (PDF) file format that conforms with the standards of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoteltradescouncil The SFUA is a model collective bargaining agreement outlining labor policies of the two national organizations and recommended for adoption by local bargaining units. Additional benefits of becoming a union member include: United, we are a powerful voice for fairness and justice at work. 702 Forest Avenue Suite C Fax 619-516-1383 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniteHereLocal2 Fax 510-893-5362 Trusteeships Unions may only be placed in trusteeship by a parent body for the reasons specified in the LMRDA. 275 7th Ave., 16th Fl. Ignite Your Career. Los Angeles, California 90017 US 312-663-4373 Dispute resolution mechanism: Arbitration. Fax 415-864-4158 Email: [emailprotected], Ada Briceo, Susan Minato, Kurt Petersen, Co-Presidents Fax 609-572-5120 FAQ. Pacific Grove, California 93950 US 5 Gateway Center, Suite 615 The new contract will be posted soon Fax 617-426-1653, Tel. Not only do union members vote for their leaders, members serve on negotiation committees to represent themselves and co-workers and 237 members vote to approve their own contracts. New York, New York 10001 Twitter: @unitehere100, Ann Marie Taliercio, President *NEW*Advanced Search: More refined search experience here., Agreements Listing: This report is a list of employer and union relationships. 105 Provisions of the SEIU Cross-Regional Master Agreement . LSNYC Collective Bargaining Agreement (2021-2024) Incorporating this package of 2021-2024 modifications to the LSNYC CBA: Package of 2021-2024 modifications to the LSNYC CBA . Baltimore, Maryland 21201 US, Tel. For questions related to specific CBAs found on this database, please contact the agency associated with that CBA. Submit your Collective Bargaining Agreement to DLS Use our online form to submit your Collective Bargaining Agreement to DLS. New York, New York 10001 Not classified by any other sector, such as arts and recreation, professional services, food and accommodation services, real estate, religious services, etc. Styay on top of news and events from across the Union by texting the word SMART to 21333 on your message app. Please bring any questions/Comments you may have to help the betterment. 213-481-8530 . To satisfy your obligation under section 90 of the Labour Relations Act, collective agreements can be submitted to For more information, take the first step by contacting a SMART organizer via a confidential email. 2302 Zanker Road, Second Floor Fax 203-776-6438 for the period. 0000003065 00000 n Mid-Atlantic Regional Office . http://www.nyhtc.org, Tel. Fines A union may not pay the fine of any officer or employee convicted of any willful violation of the LMRDA. 5600 River Road, Suite 841 This promotes transparency by allowing the public to view the types of agreements reached between agencies and Federal sector unions. Anchorage, Alaska 99501 US Twitter: @UHLocal54, Joe Daugherty, Trustee 0000015198 00000 n Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uniteherelocal26 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT June 1, 2021 - December 31, 2024 Between SEIU Local 503, OPEU, COID LOCAL 592 PO Box 12159, 1730 Commercial St., SE, Salem, OR 97309 541-385-8471 or 800-832-0593 And The Central Oregon Irrigation District 1055 SW Lake Ct, Redmond, OR 97756 2010-2017 Agreements. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gesounitehere/ Orlando, Florida 32809 US This agreement shall be binding upon and enforceable against all such members, including their successors, assigns, and wholly or partly owned subsidiaries. ,#K}Fovw_y]E=kcleRymoTFwqJ{~"U h\='TBm* \K|b6;>76O+yiIFnKltv+YnW^)\I3" 780-426-7890 No. 0000026061 00000 n 415-864-8770 This page contains the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBAs) for each bargaining unit administered by Central HR and those administered by the Provost Office. 708-771-8700 Prohibition Against Certain Discipline A union or any of its officials may not fine, expel, or otherwise discipline a member for exercising any LMRDA right. Fax 416-384-0991, Jos Maldonado, President %PDF-1.4 % the .gov website. http://www.local30sandiego.org, Tel. Union/Local by entering into any formal discussions or agreements with other employee organizations or bargaining unit employees concerning all matters affecting personnel policies, practices, or working conditions. If you have any questions, or if you are a union or employer that would like to submit a CBA for posting, please contact OLMS at olms-public@dol.gov or call OLMS: (202) 693-0123. http://www.uniteherelocal17.org, Tel. http://www.uniteherelocal737.org/, Tel. 275 7th Ave, 16th fl !NhP:nF 2Z.e[**&)Ug1+oBJCqBsm=Q=bIh{)"o Email: [emailprotected] Unions listed in Attachment 1 as the exclusive collective bargaining agent of the Employees in the bargaining units listed in Attachment 1 with respect to the terms and conditions of employment set forth herein. Visit our new voter registration site to get started. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT Between Mental Health Center of Denver and Service Employees International Union, Local 105 Effective: March 12, 2021 - December 31, 2023 MHCD MISSION: MHCD's mission is enriching lives and minds by focusing on strengths and wellbeing. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122 US 275 7th Ave., 16th Fl. U-M has collective bargaining agreements with several different labor organizations, representing select employees who perform specific roles on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint campuses and Michigan Medicine. Additionally, the contract . Boston, Massachusetts 02111 US Government workplaces that engage in a combination of governmental and non-governmental activities. Loans A union may not have outstanding loans to any one officer or employee that in total exceed $2,000 at any time. 425 College Street An official website of the United States government. http://www.uniteherelocal362.org, Tel. Email: [emailprotected], Zailda Chan, President Work performed pursuant to the terms of this collective bargaining agreement shall not be performed by persons not covered by the bargaining agreement except as provided in Article II. Twitter: @UNITEHERE26, Jenna Karlin, Vice President If those arent there, or if you would like to protect the wages and conditions you currently enjoy, its time to consider your options. 702-385-2131 Fax 808-941-2166 Los Angeles, California 90017 0000005173 00000 n Collective Bargaining Agreement Database. SMART General President Joseph Sellers recaps 2017 while wishing members a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays. North York, Ontario M3C 1W3 Canada, Warren Pepicelli, Joint Board Manager Alta-Bates Summit nurses to hold strike in Oakland and Berkley, Teamsters applaud inroduction of the PRO Act to congress, Starbucks CEO Schultz may be ordered to testify at US Senate labor hearing, Starbucks engaged in 'egregious and widespread misconduct' in Buffalo union drive, judge rules, Facebook Unite Here Local 19 Workers Demand Justice From Billionaire Owner Zuckerberg, Teamsters Celebrate Womens History Month. With members in scores of different occupations, we advocate for fairness in the workplace, excellence at work and opportunity for all working families. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-Here-Local-100/157829137588444 between the . http://www.uniteherephilly.org, Tel. S-Z Collective Bargaining Agreements | New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board Collective Bargaining Agreements > Collective Bargaining Agreements S-Z All files are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. 275 7th Ave., 16th Fl. 215-232-3145 Founded in 1973, LSSA is a unit of the National Organization of Legal Services Workers (NOLSW), UAW Local 2320. To sign up to participate in the forum, visithttp://www.summitwebcasting.com/webcast/smart/, SMWIA Local 1052120 Auto Centre DriveGlendora, CA 91740, about New Site To Check Your Voter Registration, about Visit SMART Members Section for Ticket Savings and More, about GP Sellers To Hold Live Nov. 2 Town Hall For Members, Text SMART to 21333 To Sign Up For Updates, Biggest Gains In 2017 Union Membership Were For Younger Workers, New Site To Check Your Voter Registration, Visit SMART Members Section for Ticket Savings and More, GP Sellers To Hold Live Nov. 2 Town Hall For Members, gp_addresses_smart_members_at_honda_site_2.jpg, http://www.summitwebcasting.com/webcast/smart/, Elections matter: How your vote has helped workers since 2020, Building a healthy future for all Canadians. Twitter: @UNITEHERE11, Christa Sarrack, President 871 NW 167th Street Email: [emailprotected] If you have any questions about submitting CBAs and arbitration awards, please contact OPM's Accountability and Workforce Relations staff at LRG@opm.gov. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-Here-Philadelphia/205739642795251 OPM will regularly update this database as existing and new CBAs are provided to OPM. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Local355 http://www.unitehere1.org, Tel. http://www.herelocal165.org/, Tel. VICTORY! Fax 702-384-6213 Job Schedule : Full-time. Developed for both new supervisors and those with several years experience, this program provides attendees with the information necessary to succeed in a leadership role. The act applied to all employers engaged in interstate commerce except agriculture, airlines, government, and railroads. Check out Local 105 Instagram and Facebook to see Events and Job sites in SMART Local 105 jurisdiction. The Wagner Act of 1935, also known as the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), established a framework for collective bargaining in addition to guaranteeing workers the right to organize. The Association represents that it is duly authorized by its members and affiliated local Associations, who have assigned their bargaining rights to the Association, to enter into this Collective Bargaining Programs Archives of all Collective Bargaining Agreements. 0000018086 00000 n AFSCME Local 1676 (Foremen Unit) A lock ( Copies of Collective Bargaining Agreements - Union members and nonunion employees have the right to receive or inspect copies of collective bargaining agreements . http://www.uniteherephilly.org, Tel. https://www.facebook.com/hoteltradescouncil, https://www.facebook.com/UniteHereLocal11, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-Here-Local-17/179716465404606, https://www.facebook.com/UniteHereLocal19, https://www.facebook.com/UniteHereLocal23, https://www.facebook.com/local24unitehere, https://www.facebook.com/uniteherelocal26, https://www.facebook.com/UNITEHERELocal30, https://www.facebook.com/Local34UNITEHERE, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-Here-Local-40/129648666837, https://www.facebook.com/pages/UNITE-HERE-Local-49/132232743518155, https://www.facebook.com/UNITEHERELocal54, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-Here-Local-100/157829137588444, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-Here-Philadelphia/205739642795251, https://www.facebook.com/uniteherecentralflorida, https://www.facebook.com/groups/105808712794328/, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-HERE-Local-878-Alaska/368870489822511, https://www.facebook.com/NEJBUniteHereLocal580, equal rights to participate in union activities, voice in setting rates of dues, fees, and assessments, file an initial information report (Form LM-1) and annual financial reports (Forms LM-2/3/4) with OLMS, retain the records necessary to verify the reports for at least five years, hold elections of officers of local unions by secret ballot at least every three years, conduct regular elections in accordance with their constitution and bylaws and preserve all records for one year, mail a notice of election to every member at least 15 days prior to the election, comply with a candidates request to distribute campaign material, not use union funds or resources to promote any candidate (nor may employer funds or resources be used), permit candidates to have election observers, allow candidates to inspect the unions membership list once within 30 days prior to the election. All collective agreements are listed below in alphabetical order by the occupational group code. 206-728-2330 5549 0 obj <> endobj Download PDF Standard Form of Union Agreement Article X, Section 10 Revision Announcement and Q & A Fax 212-399-3005 Your Contract Your Stewards Update Your Info Latest Healthcare Updates 105 In the News: Raising Wages in Denver February 2, 2023 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniteHereLocal11 Fax 916-564-4950 8 . Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-HERE-Local-878-Alaska/368870489822511 This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Fax 708-771-8988 Email: [emailprotected] The agreement also increases the funds set aside for the Negotiated Employee Assistance Home Purchase Program (NEAHP) to $650,000 which is the first time an agreement has been reached since. Twitter: @UNITEHERELocal8, Portland Office, Twitter: @uniteherehawaii, Rich Maroko, Business Manager 300 River Place Drive, Suite 2700 SEIU Local 105 represents more than 4,000 healthcare employees, including 3,000 frontline workers at Kaiser Permanente spanning hundreds of different healthcare professions in Colorado. Share sensitive information only on official, https://www.unitehere23.org, Tel. User login. Collective bargaining is the negotiation process between a union and an employer. 0000024800 00000 n Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. 877.375.1748 0000018458 00000 n North York, Ontario M3C 1W3 Canada 1796 Tribute Road, Suite 200 Email: [emailprotected], Brigette Browning, President 275 7th Ave., 16th Fl. . https://www.unitehere23.org, Anthony Randolph, DC Chapter President New York, New York 10001 They include nurses, police officers, graduate student instructors . Seattle, Washington 98134 US Email: [emailprotected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NEJBUniteHereLocal580. Alphabetical list of all collective agreements in the system . There shall be a Union Shop throughout the term of this Agreement in every building where AGREEMENT . %I%)9F$i %q pDy New Haven, Connecticut 06511 US, Tel. Any claim for past due subsistence payments filed with Local No. 202-737-2225 Fax 412-904-2771, Tel. Email: [emailprotected] Two Morneau Shepell Centre, Suite 900 Fax 315-422-4096